Videos from Paul

We have posted 4 new videos.  

Stay tuned as we add more videos during the campaign.


Video #1: A few moments about 

provincial infrastructure.

What do we need to do to get schools. healthcare, highways and housing?

Learn more about how this approach is improving our highways here.

Here's how our approach led to $62 million in provincial funding for a new water supply.

Here's how we're working together to tackle flooding issues in Hatzic.


Video #2: A few moments about 

civic engagement

Why do we need engaged citizens? And how can we hear more from you?

You can learn more about Mission's civic engagement here.


Video #3: A few moments about the environment.

Our economy and our environment need each other.

You can learn more about our Environmental Charter here.


Video #4: A few moments about housing.

What can we do at the local level to make buying or renting more affordable?

You can see our Affordable Housing Strategy here and our Housing Needs Assessment here.


More to come:

Employment & Economy

Affordability & Taxes

Public Safety (Police and Fire)