Videos from Paul

We have added a new video!


Video #10: A Good Old-Fashioned Stump Speech.

Who am I? What do I stand for? And why should you vote?


Video #9: Safety First!


Video #8: We're getting close to the finish line.  Here's how you can help!

I need you!


Video #7: Thoughts from the Wetlands

No mayor or elected person can do it all. The best parts of our community are the result of partnerships.


Video #6: Where does Paul stand when it comes to Mission’s Waterfront?

You asked.  Paul answered.


Video #5: Authenticity Matters.


Video #4: Lessons from the Old Homestead

Capturing the bold and pioneering spirit of our Mission.


Video #3: How we can achieve a better local economy together.

(This one is about 14 minutes long, so grab a cup of coffee!)


Video 2: Why a strong local economy is Priority #1.


Video #1: Why I'm Running for Mayor