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How do others describe Paul?

Committed to Excellence - Made for Mission

Paul is passionate about his work and his community, and those who work with him can tell.

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Testimonials: Welcome

What is it like working with Paul?

Please note: These are testimonials from people about working alongside Paul.  Paul hasn't asked for endorsements, because he understands that we all need to work together no matter who is elected.  

Thanks to everyone for contributing to this page!

Testimonials: Testimonials

"As a former Mayor of the District of Mission I am proud and confident to provide a positive testimonial for Mr. Paul Horn in his commitment and aspiration to become the next Mayor of District of Mission. I have known Mr. Horn for over fifteen (15) years. I have therefore, had enough opportunity to observe, learn and acknowledge Mr. Horn's professionalism and perspectives with regards to his servant and community leadership style.


Personally, I had the privilege of being a member of District of Mission leadership for a period of twelve years, six of those years as the Mayor of District of Mission. Mr. Horn was one of the industrious members of council during my two terms as Mayor between 2005 and 2011. During this period, I had an opportunity to see him in action and he demonstrated a very high degree of collaborative leadership in directing and formulating progressive and sustainable social, cultural, recreational, economic and development plans for Mission. I believe that Mission's quality of life was better off with Mr. Horn's contributions to leadership.

Mr. Horn has many excellent leadership attributes which qualify him for the position of Mayor. Those attributes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • He has extensive experience and familiarity with municipal governance and management systems;

  • He has extensive professional training and experience in business management; 

  • He has past experience in municipal planning and development processes;

  • He has experience in inspiring and nurturing community volunteerism; and,

  • He is a vibrant, visionary and principled leader with lots of integrity.


In my opinion, Mr. Paul Horn is well qualified and will make a fine Mayor for any community in the Lower Mainland. I have no hesitation to endorse him for the position of Mayor of District of Mission."

James Atebe - Former Mayor of Mission

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