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Paul's Platform

Engaging neighbours. Using common sense. Reaching our potential.

Platform: FAQ

Land Use Planning that captures what makes Mission a great community.

Aim: Develop Neighbourhood Plans and Community Visions across Mission.

Why? When people move to live or do business here, they should know what Mission wants for the community and for specific areas.

The world is changing all around us, and Mission will need to keep up. We have two amazing land areas in our community, Silverdale and the Waterfront.  Our future depends on doing things right.

Good planning gives us opportunities for economic growth and improved quality of life. Doing it right requires that we protect the environmental features which define Mission. It means making sure that developments include places where people can work and earn a liveable wage. And, perhaps most important, it means that we need to grow in a way that keeps people connected to one another.

Social planning that makes lives better.

Aim: Complete and implement our Social Mapping & Planning.

Why? The numbers are going in the wrong direction in Mission. Homelessness, poverty, mental health issues, addiction and overdoses are all on the rise. Affordable housing is declining and it is getting more and more difficult for people to navigate the system, finding the services and supports they need.

A “map” will help new agencies fit quickly into our spectrum of services when they arrive in Mission.  It will help people to find the services they need, and give volunteers a way to help. It will lead to a better coordination with other communities in our region - especially Abbotsford - and with the provincial and federal governments. It will help us address our social needs earlier in the lives of people who need them, and to provide supports for people as they transition or are discharged from services. 

If we plan, we can slow the escalation of homelessness and other social issues in our community, and we can demonstrate leadership and show that things can actually change.

Economic development so that people can work where they live.

Aim: Identify and zone lands for employment, without taking away food lands. Support our Economic Develop Office to take us further.

Why? For too long, we have assumed that our only good industrial lands are located along the Fraser River.  Those lands are also well-suited to agriculture or retail and they are in short supply.  We need to think ahead and be creative, providing access and servicing to lands that will help businesses to come here, stay here and grow here.  

We have exceptional leadership from our Economic Development Committee and we need to provide the resources needed to see their work succeed.

Better communication, in both directions.

Aim: Develop a Coordinated Communication Strategy that gives people a chance to communicate easily and respectfully with elected leaders and staff. Mission will be a leading community in civic engagement and truly connecting with people.


Why? Government needs to listen and build trust. There are lots of reasons why many of us have given up on government, but the most important one is that we are unsure anybody is actually paying attention to what we want.

If elected people can’t hear the voices of the average person, it’s too easy for political influencers to steer decisions that affect everyone. Government needs to be accessible and we need to routinely find out how we are doing. Every four years is not often enough!

Evolved health and public safety services.

Aim: Renew Mission’s Healthy Community Council.

Why?  As we grow and as the world changes, we will need to be strong advocates and partners with our regional and local health and safety agencies. These include Fraser Health, the RCMP, our own Mission Fire & Rescue Department and Mission Search and Rescue.  We need to plan for tomorrow; not today. We need to maintain great relationships with these organizations so that we are always ensuring the public’s welfare.

Our Mission Healthy Community Council represented all of the local agencies providing for our community health and welfare, but it was disbanded about 6 years ago. By working together, the MHCC were able to do remarkable things such as building The Residences in Mission and our Community Health Centre, while keeping our hospital ER open. In the wake of COVID-19, that same type of advocacy and collaboration will be vital.

Infrastructure that meets your needs now.

Aim: An Infrastructure Strategy that doesn’t rely on development as the only funding source.

Why? They may not be exciting, but we all need to know that our roads, sewer, water system, broadband, transit and other basic amenities are going to work when we need them.  If local councils forget what they are there to do, it means a longer commute for you; no place to park; and having to walk in the street rather than on a sidewalk.   You should be able to catch a bus, even if you have chosen not to live in the downtown core. You should be able to connect to the Internet, even if you live in the countryside.

These are the basic ingredients of every community. They attract business and newcomers and make it possible for people to raise their children here.  If we wait until development comes, there are two issues. First, we will always have some “have-not” neighbourhoods. Second, some neighbourhoods will be forced to change their very fabric in order to have basic needs met.

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