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Values and Priorities

It's time for new thinking!

Values and Priorities: FAQ

Why is Paul running again?

Paul was elected in the 2021 by-election and he promised to stick around for 2022 because our shared vision for Mission will take years to build.

You've told Paul that you want Mission to remain a safe and affordable community that retains its small-town values and that's his vision too!

In the last year and a half, Paul has overseen the adoption of an Affordable Housing Strategy, Environmental Charter, Employment Lands Strategy, new citizen engagement opportunities and three comprehensive neighbourhood plans. Under Paul's leadership, Mission is developing a Community Wellness Strategy, a new Neighbourhood Engagement Approach to development, a Land Clearing bylaw, and a revised bylaw enforcement approach.  

Paul wants to see all that work through and he wants to ensure your voice is heard as those policies are being developed.

What does Paul mean by old thinking versus new thinking?

When was the last time you recall seeing a construction crane in Mission? We can't remember the last time we saw one on our skyline, let alone the six in Mission over the last year.

It's clear; Mission is no longer a small bedroom community.  Developers and businesses of all sorts want to be here and that will mean a host of opportunities and challenges.

We can no longer rely on being a community known mostly for being the cheapest place to buy a home.  We need to build places for people to work, shop and live right here in Mission.

We can no longer understaff our city and expect that investors will tolerate lengthy and confusing delays.  In the past, developers have expected elected officials to help them through the development process, causing frustrations and concerns for community members and investors alike. We need a fair and modern process, and one that gives neighbours input.

We must be choosy.  While growth is inevitable, we are the ones who should decide how we grow.  We need to define our community vision and update our plans.  We need to ensure that our financial affairs are ready because we will need more and better facilities.

We must work in partnership with other levels of government.  In the past, we have too often relied on protesting and anger directed at organizations such as Fraser Health.  If we want to ensure that our community gets the healthcare, schools and highways we need, we must work in respectful and collaborative way, bringing evidence and expertise to the table.

We must remember our small-town values.  While other communities are forming slates and partisan groups, our City has always done best by electing experienced and connected leaders. Mission has dabbled in angry and divisive politics and it hasn't worked.  We need to maintain a respectful and neighbourly tone as we tackle the challenges of the future together.

What are Paul's top 4 Priorities in the next term?

Affordability and Housing:

  • Implementing our Affordable Housing Strategy

  • Completing our Community Wellness Strategy

  • Completing our current supportive housing project and working with SARA for Women, AMHA, Mission Community Services and other agencies to build more in other areas.

  • Expanding and enhancing our density bonusing program.

  • Avoiding taxation shocks through long-range budgetting

Addressing Employment:

  • Implementing our Employment Lands Strategy

  • Helping add to our industrial and commercial lands along the river, Lougheed Highway and on our uplands.

  • Working with UFV to complete the planned Mission Campus expansion.

  • Revising our business licensing and business retention programs.

Adding Infrastructure to Address Growth:

  • Continued advocacy for an improved Highway 7 bypass and east side route.

  • Creation of a healthcare corridor and mutual planning with Fraser Health Authority, our local medical community and the Fraser Valley Regional Hospital District to properly plan and fund new healthcare facilities in Mission.

  • Continue working with the Board of Education to advocate for a new high school and new elementary schools.

Protecting our Environment

  • Implementing our newly Adopted Environmental Charter

  • Creating a Citizen's Environmental Advisory Committee

  • Investing in Transit and Active Transportation

  • Stopping wholesale land clearing by developers

  • Working with First Nations to protect Fraser River salmon

  • Addressing uplands damage and lowlands flooding due to climate change events (like atmospheric rivers and droughts)

  • Adding EV chargers to public spaces

How is Paul's approach different?

We live in a world where anger is everywhere.  We need leaders who can remain poised, respectful and collaborative under stress.

So much of our work as a community involves partnerships.  Whether we are asking neighbours to separate their recycling, businesses to sponsor local sports, or other levels of government to provide funding, it's clear that a collaborative approach serves our community best.

So, while others may go low or get angry, you'll never see that from Paul.  He believes in standing up for you (and himself) with the truth, evidence and allies.  Respect is always the best way.

Voting for Paul means that you - and everyone else in our community - will be asked to actively participate in planning our future.

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