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What We've Accomplished: Welcome

Look What We've Done Together!

Overt the last18 months, Paul and Mission Council achieved all of this!

Promises Kept

  • Sewer Forcemain completed

  • Hurd Street Housing deal completed

  • Affordable Housing Strategy completed

  • New building officials hired

  • Waterfront Plan completed

  • Silverdale Central Neighbourhood Plan completed

  • Stave Heights Plan completed

  • Environmental Charter completed (July 2022)

  • Seacan bylaw revised and updated

  • Community Wellness Strategy underway

  • Advocacy for highway improvements and healthcare on-going as planned

  • Developer charges and amenity contribution policies reviewed (still underway)

Enhanced permitting process

  • 5 new staff hired (funded from growth, not taxes)

  • New Building Permit manager position created to expedite processes

  • New enterprise software system being installed

  • "People-Paper-Process" system review

  • On-line dashboard for Building Permits

  • Small permits = no waiting period

  • Large building permits = down from 9 months to 6 months (and still decreasing)

  • Successful "Builder's Forum" held in conjunction with Canadian Homebuilders' Association.

Waterfront Revitalization

  • Sewer Forcemain Right of Way deal completed in first two months in office.

  • Forcemain successfully completed in early 2022

  • Revitalization Plan approved, under budget and on-time

  • Mission Raceway Park preserved; improved relationship with City

  • First Nations engaged in process; environmental values highlighted

  • Implementation discussions are already underway

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

  • Habitat for Housing completed

  • Boswyk Housing for Seniors completed

  • Completion and adoption of Affordable Housing Strategy

  • New Housing Coordinator position created, currently hiring

  • Density bonusing program resulting in many more affordable units

  • Hurd Street Modular Housing announced; Mission is urging Province to build before winter 2022

  • More than 4000 proposed apartment and townhouse units currently in-stream.  

  • Secondary Suite "blanket" policy upcoming soon.

  • Working closely with MCSS and SARA for Women on housing projects.

Healthcare and Facilities

  • Met with Fraser Health and local healthcare partners to request local Master Planning in 2023.

  • Advocated to Minister of Health for CT Scanner project; local COVID testing and vaccine clinics; improved ER space; and Assisted Living facilities.

  • Advocated to Fraser Health and Ministry of Health for better in-reach services, detox and substance treatment in Mission area.

  • Opioid Forum coming this Fall.

City Hall Communication

  • Instituted new public forums including Council Coffees, Community Conversations and Facebook Live updates

  • Quick responses and respectful listening for all

  • Actions and answers for all email enquiries.

  • Follow-up calls.

  • More than 250 meetings with individual citizens across all walks of life.

  • Approachable and available at community events.

  • Paul writes all of his own letters (except for the really technical bits!)

Environment & Climate

  • Revised Environmental Charter coming in July 2022

  • Land-clearing bylaw (designed to prevent landslides, clear-cutting, and stream siltation) coming in July 2022.

  • Enhanced transit investments

  • Investment in local workplaces, to reduce commuting

  • Density Bonusing policy = more greenspace

  • Preservation of Manzer Urban Forest

  • Climate change study undertaken at Municipal Forest

  • New fire equipment purchased for wildfire


  • Supported adoption of UNDRIP Principles by Mission

  • Landmark landscape with Leq'á:mel, Matheqwi, Semath Society resulted in housing and commercial sites for local First Nations, and more park space for all in Mission

  • Supporting local First Nations as they progress with archaeological / ground penetrating radar work at former OMI site

  • Partnered with Kwantlen and Katie First Nations in creating Forest Guardian Program

  • Worked with Leq'á:mel FN to interview and select Mission's new RCMP Officer In Charge.

  • Worked with Siwal Siwes to host first Truth and Reconciliation Day at FRHP.


  • New senior centre opened

  • New pumptrack at Griner Park

  • New youth centre opened

  • 7th Avenue Greenway (Stave Lake to Grand Streets) approved and under construction in Summer 2022

  • New trails and signage in Municipal Forest

  • Added to Mission's wetlands by acquiring Donatelli Park

  • New Cedar Valley parklands acquired

  • Trails, park and multi-use paths approved at Stave Heights

  • Replaced Keystone Bridge

  • 7 new signalized crosswalks


  • Reviewed Development Cost Charges and Community Amenity Contributions to ensure development pays for new growth

  • Shared record returns from Forestry Department with community groups such as Steelhead Community Association and MSS 

  • Updated capital plan and removed all "unfunded" items

  • Added staff to engineering/public works department with no tax impact

  • Successfully applied for numerous grants from UBCM and Federal government, including funding for Greenway

  • Wren/Tyler St. repairs entirely funded by province and insurance 

  • Created an Asset Management Strategy to ensure we full life from our infrastructure

What We've Accomplished: FAQ

Now the real work begins!

Planning without implementation is meaningless, so Mission needs experienced leadership to keep the work of our community moving forward.

These will be challenging (but exciting!) times.  Leadership, vision and experience will be more necessary than ever before.

Check this site in the coming weeks as Paul outlines a roadmap for our future.

What We've Accomplished: About
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