Elect Paul Horn for Mayor

Leadership ~ Experience ~ Vision

It's time!

Mission is at an important crossroads in our history.  We have key decisions to make about social and land use planning.  We need steady, principled and experienced leadership. We need someone who builds connections and works well with others.

We need Paul.


15 Quick Answers from Paul

Get informed in seconds.

Does Paul have a plan to accelerate our permitting process?

Yes.  It's a priority.

Does Paul support the planning process for the Waterfront?

Yes. Let's get it done by 2022.

Does Paul have a plan for addressing housing affordability and homelessness?

Yes.  It's a critical area. You can read more about it on my platform page.

Will Paul make the Opioid Crisis a priority?

Yes. Opioids and other substances have impacted people close to Paul too and he feels compelled to act.

Does Paul support Mission Raceway?


Will Paul take my calls if I am angry with his decisions?


Does Paul support expanding our hospital and healthcare facilities?

Yes. This is a priority!

Does Paul support green initiatives and climate protections?

Yes.  We need to update our planning to include these ideas!

Does Paul support a municipal gun law in Mission?

No. We are already protected by the Criminal Code of Canada.

Will Paul ensure the sewer line gets built?

Yes.  We cannot afford to wait any longer.

Does Paul support the use of seacans as storage buildings in Mission?


Will Paul run again in 2022?

Yes, if elected in 2021, I'll be back to finish what I've started.

Will Paul promise to keep taxes at the rate of inflation?

No, that would be impossible to guarantee, but Paul will work to keep taxes low.

Will Paul promise to work for free?

No. Paul would have to give up his current income to become Mayor.

Does Paul support the use of RV pads on private land as an affordable housing option.

Yes, in rural areas.

Does Paul believe in expanding transit?

Yes, especially shuttle buses and service to Maple Ridge.

Does Paul support the use of Town Halls and Neighbourhood Advisory Groups for better citizen engagement?


Isn't Paul a politician?

No, Paul is a teacher, businessperson and community leader.

Who writes Paul's speeches and produces his videos?

Every word and video was produced by Paul.  No scripts. No professionals.

Isn't this actually way more than 15 questions?

Fifteen-schmifteen.  If people ask me something, I'm going answer!



Mail-in ballots can be obtained from City Hall.  Fill in this form by April 22, or call the Hall at 604-820-3700.

Advance Polls at the Leisure Centre - April 17 and 18 from 8 am - 8 pm.

Election Day is April 24th (8 am - 8 pm) and you can vote at:

Albert McMahon Elementary School Cedar Valley Mennonite Church

Cherry Hill Elementary School
École Mission Central Elementary School Hatzic Middle School
Mission Leisure Centre
Silverdale Elementary School
West Heights Community Elementary School


“I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the community, and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work, the more I live."

George Bernard Shaw


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